Zoe Mozart was a pinup artist and model from the twenties and is one of the four top pinup artists of that era. She was commissioned to do the Maybelline advertisements for Vanity Fair, and did a series of portraits in Classic pinup style.  She used her own body for a model whilst using mirrors to achieve the positions she wanted.  It was the way she portrayed women's faces that got her noticed, working with acrylic, water colours and pastels.
I chose her as an artist because of her spirit of independence.  She was working in a man's world and proving she was better at it than most of them.  She also understood eroticism in a more subtle way, portraying natural beauty rather than exaggerated and artificial clichés.
My etching is of, as you well guessed it a portrait of the beautiful Zoe Mozert. The Lino print is my take on a pin up, which best represents what Zoe does as both an artist and a model. The letterpress print is a quote which I came up with, as there is no actual quotes which has be document. The quote captures what Zoe was and is recognised for, being an artist and model where she would create some of her artwork based upon herself posing in a mirror. 
My Process: Etching
Completed Print
My Process for the Lino Print
Completed Print
My process: for the Letter Press print
Completed Print
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